Winner of the Seventh Annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing, Matthew Crompton is a writer, photographer and occasional metaphysician now residing in Sydney after living previous lives in Seoul and San Francisco. He holds a BA in Philosophy (specialisation in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy) as well as a Masters in Education, specialising in Applied Linguistics.

Offering writing that perceptively accesses the emotional and transformative content at the heart of the best travel experiences, his work frequently explores the intersection between global tourism and traditional communities. His photography is focused on revealing the heart of the destinations to which he travels, embracing visual narrative as well as the jaw-dropping natural beauty of spots as far-flung as Kashmir, Myanmar, and Mozambique.

His writing and photographs have been published in the US (San Francisco Chronicle and Philadelphia Inquirer) , UK (Adventure Travel Magazine), Australia (The Australian), and throughout Asia (Action Asia Magazine, Virgin Australia Voyeur, Southeast Asia Globe Magazine, Cebu Smile, Asian Journeys, and 10 Magazine Asia). His stories have also twice featured in “The Best Travel Writing” print anthologies published by Travelers Tales (“Camel College”, 2011; “Into the Hills”, 2014). While he’s out exploring, he produces regular travel content for the award-winning social travel website Trip.com.

To commission original writing or photography content, drop him a line at:



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Matt, I find the tales of your travels fascinating, equal only to the photos! Stay safe (and healthy) and keep bringing the world to my dingy, little office!

  2. Hi Matthew, I just finished reading your story on Camel College in “The Best Travel Writing 2011” book. I felt the need to look you up and say thanks. I guess it is something that many people go through, believing in one idea of something but if you open your eyes, your head and your heart you can see it completely differently. You’ve described it really well. So again, thank you. All the best with your travels!

    • Hi Marike-
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’ve been in Africa with truly poor internet access, and haven’t even been able to get into my blog for a couple weeks! In any case, sincere thanks for your words: it always feels great to know that someone is reading, and more importantly relates to, writing that you care about and have put a great deal of work into. Happy and transformative travels to you! =)

  3. Unbelievable! Its Sam from flickr, came across this and had no idea you had been publishing photos and articles! Going to have to quiz you about that someday! Hope all is well wherever you are. Samrah

  4. I knew you had to be either a writer or a photographer. Then found this site, amazing photos. Thank you for sharing these works. I enjoyed your comments and post cards on gogobot. I was glad to know that you enjoyed Seoul as well.

  5. Reading your “Into the Hills” published in the Travelers’ Tales series Volume 10. I love it!! You don’t waste words (like some of the other contributors). Seriously awesome stuff.

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