A Non-Diver’s Guide to Coron, Philippines

Interested in visiting the Philippines (you should be!) but looking to go a bit further afield than Boracay, Bohol or even El Nido?

Consider Coron.

Best known to serious SCUBA divers because of the wealth of WWII-era Japanese shipwrecks sunk here in 1944, it remains a destination mostly off the map to others. Coron, though, has lots to offer even to those not keen to strap on a tank, with tremendous unspoiled natural beauty, beautiful beaches, great island-hopping and a fabulously relaxed atmosphere. The wealth of coral reef here is both healthy and accessible to snorkellers, and there are even a couple of shallow shipwrecks to be explored by non-divers.

For an idea of where to go, what to see and what to eat in this overlooked corner of Palawan, check out my custom guide for trip.com:

The Non-Diver’s Guide to Coron.



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