PHOTOS: Coron, Palawan (Philippines)

Christmas and New Year’s of 2015 were spent in the Philippines — a couple days in Manila, but mostly in the Calamian Islands of the region of northern Palawan better known as Coron. Best known to serious SCUBA divers because of the wealth of WWII-era Japanese shipwrecks sunk here in 1944, it remains a destination mostly off the map to others. Coron, though, has lots to offer even to those not keen to strap on a tank, with tremendous unspoiled natural beauty, beautiful beaches, great island-hopping and a fabulously relaxed atmosphere. The wealth of coral reef here is both healthy and accessible to snorkellers, and there are even a couple of shallow shipwrecks to be explored by non-divers.


2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Coron, Palawan (Philippines)

    • Thaks, Kennedy — it was an absolutely beautiful spot. The Philippines in general I feel are frequently overlooked in favour of more popular but (in many ways) less rewarding spots like Thailand and Bali, so it’s always great to be able to show people what’s so wonderful about the country.

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