The measure of the world / Someone else’s awesome

musicianI think that the danger sometimes, having done work on ourselves to the point where we can look back at all the changes we’ve made for the better, at the way our lives have transformed, is to say to those around us, ‘Look at me — look at what I’ve done! You can do this too!”

It’s one thing to be justifiably proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished in yourself, of course, and quite another to to take that accomplishment and make it the measure of the world. That’s one of the dangers in personal growth — to say, rightly, ‘I’m doing really awesome!’, but then to say that someone else’s awesome has to look just like yours.

It doesn’t.

The world would be a very sterile place if everyone’s mountain, which they’d climbed over long years and with endless grief and striving and tears and effort, looked exactly the same from the top. There’s an internal dimension in people, in what they live, that you can never fathom from the outside. And in that dimension, though you cannot see it from your own vantage, and though it may look very different to your own measure of awesome, they may actually be crushing it.

Food for thought.


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